HART Hand Pruners Titanium Series

HART Tools titanium hand pruners

They are simple tools, but as any OPE enthusiast knows (and we’ll even include the casual, bare-minimum doers on this one), the little things are often the most important. We’re talking good old-fashioned hand tools here. And this certainly goes for the HART hand pruners.

HART hand pruners

HART 5/8″ Anvil Hand Pruner

anvil pruner
  • Model: HHGCHPA1
  • Rust-resistant, titanium-coated blade
  • Ergonomic over-mold grips
  • 5/8’’ cutting capacity

The HART 5/8″ Anvil Hand Pruner is designed for trimming dry or dead branches and stems.

A pruner is all about two things: A sharp blade and a good handle grip. With the HART Anvil Hand Pruner you have both a rust-resistant, titanium-coated blade and an over-mold for comfort and control.

However, the handle isn’t the only part that requires a good grip. How about the blade itself?

This model has a No Walk Zone that ensures a secure grip on branches, and a cutting capacity of up to 5/8″.


This model retails for $19.44 and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

HART 1″ Pro Bypass Hand Pruner

pro bypass pruner
  • Model: HHGCHPB4
  • Rust-resistant, titanium-coated blade
  • Aluminum handles and ergonomic over-mold grips
  • 1″ cutting capacity

HART takes it up a notch with the Pro Bypass Hand Pruner. Its key features are its lightweight design and aluminum handles. And like the Anvil, this pruner also has a No Walk Zone, but with a 1″ cutting capacity.


This model retails for $29.94 and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

HART Micro Tip Hand Pruner

micro tip pruner
  • Model: HHGCHPM1
  • Rust-resistant, titanium-coated blade
  • No Walk Zone
  • Metal-core handles

Plain and simple, the HART Micro Tip Hand Pruner is designed for precision cutting. Built with a metal-core handle that provides superior performance, this model is perfect for delicate plants and smaller branches.


This hand pruner retails for $15.88 and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

HART 5/8″ Bypass Hand Pruner

bypass pruner
  • Model: HHGCHPB2
  • Rust-resistant, titanium-coated blade
  • No Walk Zone
  • 5/8″ cut capacity

The HART 5/8″ Bypass Pruner is the go-to for branches and stems. This namely encompasses small to mid-sized shrubbery, flowering bushes, and even some moderately sized trees.

This model features a sap groove that helps to keep the blade from becoming sticky and coated with debris buildup. The idea here is clean cuts for a happy plant.


This pruner retails for $17.44 and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

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