Honda HRX217 Series Premium Residential Lawn Mowers

Honda HRX217 Premium Residential Lawn Mower Bridge the Gap Between Entry-Level and Commercial Needs

Looking for a lawn mower that offers more than entry-level without going all the way up to a commercial build and price? The Honda HRX217 lawn mower series positions itself in the gap to offer homeowners a better option.

Honda HRX217 Series Lawn Mower Lineup

The line consists of 5 models: the HRX217VKA, HRX217VLA, HRX217VYA, HRX217HYA, and HRX217HZA. Each of the 21″ mowers offers a variety of features to make maintaining your lawn a breeze.

What They Have in Common

Honda HRX217 Series

The HRX217 series uses Honda’s GCV200 engine, which is a nice upgrade from the GCV170 engine on Honda’s HRN216 series .

They also all feature the brand’s 4-in-1 Versamow System with Clip Director. The Versamow System can mulch, bag, and side-discharge your clippings, as well as shred leaves. The system can even provide a combination of mulching and bagging. The great thing is that you don’t have to keep track of a plug or other accessories—it’s all built right into the mower.

Each mower has a 21-Inch NeXite rust-free, no-dent cutting deck. Honda has so much faith in their durability that they back them with a lifetime warranty.

As we expect from Honda’s higher-end mower, you get MicroCut stacked blades. These mower blades provide four cutting surfaces that create finer clippings that make for better mulching and easier bagging.

Common Features

Here’s the full list of what every mower in the lineup has:

  • GCV200 Engine
  • Automatic Choke
  • 50-State Certified
  • 21-Inch NeXite Deck
  • MicroCut Twin Blades
  • 10-Position Versamow Clip Deflector
  • 9-Inch Ball Bearing Wheels
  • 3 Handle Positions
  • Easy Fold Quick Release Handle
  • Fuel Shut Off Valve
  • 3/4 – 4-inch Cutting Height
  • 0 – 4 MPH Drive Speed
  • 2.5 Bushel Bag

How They’re Different

Here’s a breakdown of the features you can expect on each of the five Honda HRX217 models:

Honda HRX217VKA

  • Infinitely Variable Select Drive
  • Recoil Starting
  • 89-Pound Dry Weight

Honda HRX217VLA

  • Infinitely Variable Select Drive
  • Electric Starting With Recoil Backup
  • 95-Pound Dry Weight

Honda HRX217VYA

  • Infinitely Variable Select Drive
  • Recoil Starting
  • Roto-Stop (stops the blade without shutting down the engine)
  • 95-Pound Dry Weight

Honda HRX217HYA

  • Hydrostatic Cruise Control Drive
  • Recoil Starting
  • Roto-Stop
  • 97-Pound Dry Weight

Honda HRX217HYA

  • Hydrostatic Cruise Control Drive
  • Electric Starting With Recoil Backup
  • Roto-Stop
  • 106-Pound Dry Weight

From there, you can select the model that sports the features that you need for your lawn. Some of these include:

  • Roto Stop: This feature stops the blades spinning without shutting down the engine (available on VYA, HYA, and HZA models)
  • Cruise Control Variable Speed Control: This variable hydrostatic speed control provides precise, easy speed control that you can set and forget (available on HYA and HZA models)
  • Honda Select Drive Variable Speed Control: Easily adjust the mower’s speed to your stride by rotating the speed adjust dial (available on VLA, VKA, and VYA models)
  • Quick Release Handle: Easy to adjust to 3 positions for comfortable mowing or compact storage
  • 5-Year Warranty

Honda HRX217 Vs HRN216

What’s the difference between Honda’s HRX217 premium residential mowers and their HRN216 entry-level series? We’re so glad you asked!

Engine ModelHonda GCV200 OHC Residential EngineHonda GCV170 OHC Residential Engine
StartingRecoil/Electric (depending on model)Recoil/Electric (depending on model)
Choke SystemAutomaticAutomatic
Emissions50 state certified50 state certified
Throttle ControlFixed or manualN/A
Versamow SystemMulch, bag, discharge, leaf shredMulch, bag, discharge
Clip Director10 positions2 positions
Bag Capacity2.5 bushels1.9 bushels
Cut Height0.75 – 4 inches1 -4 inches
Number of Cutting Positions77
Self-PropelInfinitely Variable Select Drive or Hydrostatic Cruise ControlN/A or Variable Position Smart Drive
BladesTwin Blade MicroCut SystemTwin Blade MicroCut System
Roto-StopVYA, HYA, and HZA modelsN/A
Cutting Deck21-inch NeXite21-inch 16-gauge steel
Wheels9-inch with ball bearings on all wheels8-inch with sintered metal bushing on the rear wheels
Handle1-inch steel tube with 3 height positions and Easy Fold quick release and ErgoActive design1-inch steel tube with 2 height positions and Easy Fold quick release
Dry Weight89 lb – 106 lbs73 – 87 lbs
Residential Warranty5 years3 years
Deck WarrantyLifetime3 years
Price Range$769 – $1079$509 – $629

Honda HRX217 Lawn Mower Price

Honda’s premium residential mowers range from $769 – $1079 and all have a 5-year residential warranty. Here’s the breakdown:

  • HRX217VKA: $769
  • HRX217VLA: $879
  • HRX217VYA: $879
  • HRX217HYA: $969
  • HRX217HZA: $1079

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