June 16, 2021

A Homeowner’s Guide To Cordless Lawn Care Products

Cordless Lawn Care

While the cordless power and runtime might not be quite there yet for the pro landscaper, the cordless situation for the homeowner looks ideal. Cordless lawn care equipment runs quietly, starts up more easily, and makes a whole lot less of a mess than gas-fueled equipment. Plus, a lot of manufacturers go out of their way to design their products to store away compactly and easily. Well, for those homeowners out there looking to find a reliable, functional, and powerful platform to tackle all your lawn, we’ve compiled a list of EGO products to get you started.

Why EGO, specifically? While the list of manufacturers entering the cordless outdoor power equipment market keeps expanding, and while the general level of quality is consistently rising across the board, EGO has been turning out great cordless products for a while now. As a brand, they present a lot of value. EGO batteries are some of the best on the market, and the tools always generate some of the most power available in the cordless world. Ultimately, you’ll want to stick to tools on the same battery platform, and EGO’s Power+ platform really is one of the better platforms available.


56V EGO Power+ Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

Cordless Lawn CareWhat’s the first thing you think of when you think of lawn care? Almost undoubtedly, you’ve got the picture of a lawnmower in mind. This makes sense, as grass will almost always occupy the most space in any given yard. For those of you with small and medium-sized yards, Ego’s 56V Power+ Self-Propelled Lawn Mower presents a fantastic option.

Let’s get the bad news out of the way first: right now, it retails for around $499 . Admittedly, that sounds like a lot. However, when you consider the cost of gas right now, plus the winterization and maintenance costs of gas engines, the slightly higher start-up cost of electric gets outweighed by the long-term savings and benefits.

The good news, this battery-powered mower has a 21″ cutting deck, and it allows the user to either bag up or mulch the clippings. It features a single-lever deck height adjustment which raises or lowers the mower deck with one move, no worries of changing all four wheels. In addition, the EGO mower has a handle height adjustment and a variable throttle. On a 7.5Ah battery, this mower will run for 60 minutes on the light setting.

EGO Powerload String Trimmer With Carbon Fiber Shaft

Right now, we don’t have a problem saying that this might be the best string trimmer on the cordless lawn care market. It retails for around $229 , which is a price so competitive that we wonder why anyone would ever consider a different model. Most notably, at least for me, the ST1521S features an auto-feeding trimmer head. At the push of a button, the Powerload head ratchets string up into itself, effectively reducing the time you spend trying to string the trimmer.


It also features a carbon fiber shaft for optimal weight reduction, which somewhat surprisingly, we haven’t seen a lot of on the lawn care market yet. This string trimmer can tackle string gauges of varying size as well. It can tackle 0.08″ and 0.95″ lines, but believe it or not, it can also handle shorter lengths of 0.105″. That’s power, baby!

EGO Hedge Trimmer

We’ve been really impressed with EGO’s newest hedge trimmer. In our recent hedge trimmer shootout, the EGO model finished with an impressive 2nd place out of 13. It was one of the lightest and most powerful models that we looked at, and most impressively, it was one of the cheaper models we looked at. The kit, which includes the tool, a charger, and a 2.5Ah battery, runs around $229 .Cordless Lawn Care
The HT2400 has a 3/4″ cut capacity, and can generate 3,000 cuts per minute. It can run for just under 2 hours on a 2.5Ah battery. It’s lightweight, which is especially helpful for trimming hedges at shoulder height and higher.

EGO 530 CFM Blower

One of the winners of the prestigious PTIA for 2017 , LB5300 can definitely tackle your toughest leaf blowing applications, and most likely do it better than a handheld gas blower. This lightweight blower cranks out a whopping 530 CFM on the highest setting, and will run you around $199 for the blower, a 2.5Ah battery, and a charger.Cordless Lawn Care

If You Have Trees…

EGO 56V 16″ Chainsaw

Assuming you have a bunch of trees around, it might not hurt to have a chainsaw. And, it just so happens that EGO makes a really solid cordless model. The lightweight and quiet CS1604 56V chainsaw features a 16″ Oregon bar and chain, an auto lubrication system, and a brushless motor. It can crank out 6,800 RPM, which means that you’ll tear through some serious wood in no time at all. It retails for $299 and comes with a 5.0Ah battery and charger.Cordless Lawn Care

Mix N Match

The EGO Multi-Head SystemEGO Lawn Care

So, you’d like to cover a lot of your cordless lawn care bases all at once? This system utilizes one head to power 4 available attachments. You’ve got the option of using a 15″ string trimmer, 8″ edger, 10″ pole saw, and 20″ hedge trimmer, and an extension pole. All of these attachments seat into the powerhead, which uses a robust spline drive to send power to the attachment.

This system makes a lot of sense for the homeowner, just for the fact that utility and economy take center stage with this set up. What I mean is, rather than purchasing 4 separate tools which will all take up their own space on your shed wall, you pick up the EGO Power Head and whatever it is you actually need at the time. Perhaps you realize that your yard demands a lot of string trimming, and maybe some pruning. But, you also realize that your yard is devoid of actual trees, and there’s not enough of a driveway to justify purchasing a separate edger. Bingo! The EGO Multi-Head Power System will probably satisfy your needs. Furthermore, the multi-head system takes up less space in storage and doesn’t include tools you don’t really need!

Plus, with the weight of the motor shifted to the back where the battery is, the balance of the tool feels a lot more manageable. EGO has done a great job of engineering the powertrain to deliver plenty of torque and speed to all of the various attachments that work on this platform.


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Stéphane Claret

Thanks for the guide.
I keep reading that $499 is quite expensive for the EGO SP battery mower. I am a bit jealous since, here in Europe, we have to pay more than twice as much for the same model (probably coming from the exact same chinese factory).
And that level of cost difference is present on the majority of the EGO lineup, except the batteries. A difficult pill to swallow, even if you hate fumes.

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