Ryobi Battery Charger and Maintainer

Ryobi charger and maintainer

They go by several names: trickle chargers, drip chargers, and Ryobi’s Battery Charger and Maintainer (AC0i2001). The latter is one of the latest examples of these tools, which are more important than many people realize.

If you’ve got a piece of gear that gets its spark from a battery, then you most likely need one of these in your garage and/or shed. They work by delivering a consistent, low-amp stream of electricity.

The best candidates for this tool are batteries that will go unused for an extended period of time. Moreover, you’ll likely need one if you regularly expose your battery to extreme heat or cold (extreme heat is the most draining).

In short, these come in handy if you prefer motors and engines that start. This is particularly the case with tractors and riding lawn mowers. So, without further ado, let’s see if the Ryobi Battery Charger and Maintainer has the features and design to accomplish this.

Ryobi Battery Charger and Maintainer Features

Ryobi AC0i2001

The first interesting feature that we noticed was the maintainer’s automatic float mode. This function charges the battery, pauses charging to monitor battery levels, and resumes when needed.

In short, it protects your battery while it sits for long periods of time.


  • Model: Ryobi AC0i2001
  • 2 amps
  • 6V or 12V
  • LED status indicators
  • Reverse polarity alert
  • Cable length: 9 ft

Now, as we’ve already mentioned, many drip chargers are for acid batteries alone. However, the AC0i2001 is also compatible with lithium, so this tool gives you options.

Moreover, you can control the amount of juice you want flowing, alternating between 6V and 12V with the push of a button. And, finally, this model comes equipped with polarity protection to ensure that you’ve correctly connected the clamps.

Ryobi Battery Charger and Maintainer Design

Ryobi charger 6v and 12v

Design-wise, Ryobi included two features that really stood out to us.

One of the most important features of any charger is a set of indicator lights. On this model, we liked seeing LEDs that display battery status, a reverse polarity alert, and a defective battery warning.

What’s more, the 9-foot cables should give you plenty of reach.

Ryobi AC0i2001 Pricing and Availability

The Ryobi Battery Charger and Maintainer is coming soon exclusively to Home Depot. It will sell for $39.97 and includes a 3-year warranty. Furthermore, you can visit Ryobi online .

Interested in other Ryobi battery maintenance products? Be sure to also check out our coverage of their 18V Jump Starter.

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