May 15, 2021

Toro Battery Hedge Trimmer Review | 60V Brushless

Toro Battery Hedge Trimmer

Compared to lawnmowers and other OPE products, hedge trimmers most closely mimic the weight and performance of their gas counterparts. The Toro battery hedge trimmer I recently tested bore that out when using it on a 1/4-acre property in Central Florida. Switching from a gas hedge trimmer to the 60V Toro 51840 gave me the same cutting speed and capability. It also reduced most of the noise and much of the vibration.

Key Takeaways

  • Strength of a gas powered hedge trimmer
  • Strong blade design handles thick 3/4-inch branches
  • Handle rotates 90 degrees to make vertical cutting easier
  • Battery life matched or exceeded a tank of gas
  • 24-inch blade made quick work of deep bushes
  • Price: $139 (bare tool), $199 (kit w/2.5Ah battery and charger)

Toro Battery Hedge Trimmer Features

The Toro 60V line of outdoor tools has managed to impress us so far. First, the Toro 60V self-propelled lawnmower showed us both run-time and power that got the job done. With hedge trimmers, cutting capacity and power rule the day. We decided to test this Toro cordless hedge trimmer on everything from basic trimming to cutting back some very unruly bushes.

60V Toro 51840

Dual-movement Blades Reduce Vibration

The blades on the Toro battery hedge trimmer take advantage of the best anti-vibration movement available. On some trimmers, one set of blades remains fixed while the other moves. Toro runs both blades back and forth like scissors. In this way, both edges of both blades constantly cut materials between the teeth. Only the center post stays in place.

Moving both blades in opposite directions absolutely squashes vibration. Because one moves forward while the other moves backward, the net movement evens out resulting in a much smoother cutting experience. With no vibrating gas engine to worry about, you end up with a very ergonomic tool.

The Toro battery-powered hedge trimmer doesn’t give you many options. One speed takes care of all cutting. A side-safety button quickly releases the trigger. Even the blade design makes this tool very straightforward. You get no options for swapping out blades as you do with the Makita XHU07T hedge trimmer . Rather, the Toro 51840 delivers a simple tool that does what it claims. Insert the battery, pull the trigger, and trim your hedges.

Using the 60V Toro Battery-powered Hedge Trimmer

Ok, you do get one handy feature on the Toro 51840 battery hedge trimmer. The handle rotates 90-degrees in either direction. That lets you quickly and easily set the blade for left of right vertical hedge trimming. A large blue button atop the handle unlocks the rotation.

Flex-Force 56V battery rotating handle

I used the Toro 51840 hedge trimmer on several properties. On a 1/4 acre lot, it made mincemeat out of some overgrown bushes I needed to trim back. Rather than ease them back as I normally would, I took down the plant right in the center. The wide 3/4-inch openings on the blades gobbled up branches and shoots alike. It took very little time to get the bushes down to size.

Toro 51840 aggressive cutting

On a larger property, I shaped up some bushes we purposely let grow too long. Here I got a chance to use the rotating handle—which I found really convenient. It lets you maintain your hold on the tool since Toro did a great job on the front wrap-around grip.

Toro 60V trimming hedge

Battery and Runtime

I got at least as much runtime off the Toro battery hedge trimmer as I do with my gas trimmer—well over an hour, in fact. It was enough to several properties—including my hack-job. A hedge trimmer is a battery-powered tool that really makes the transition to gas seamless. You lose nothing and gain a lot.

The Toro Flex-Force 60V L135 battery puts out 135 watt-hours. It takes about an hour to fully charge an empty pack.

60V Toro Battery Hedge Trimmer Specs

  • Model: 51840
  • Engine: Brushless DC
  • Battery: 60V L135 (2.5 Ah, 135 Wh)
  • Charge time: 60 minutes (2.5 Ah pack)
  • Cutting bar length: 24-inches
  • Cutting depth: 3/4 in.
  • Weight: 9.2 lbs.
  • Warranty: 3-year full warranty (tool); 3-year full warranty (battery)

Toro 51840 Price

You can buy the Toro 51840 60V hedge trimmer as either a bare tool for $139 or as a kit with 2.5Ah battery and charger for $199 . This price does this tool justice and makes it very accessible. In our opinion, the performance and warranty easily justify the cost.

Multiple retailers carry Toro 60V battery-powered tools, including Home Depot, Ace Hardware, and Acme Tools.

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