Toro Greensmaster eTriFlex Series Mowers

Toro Greensmaster eTriFlex Makes Big Advancements in Cutting Performance

The Toro Greensmaster eTriFlex not only provides an electric solution to turf management, but it includes a stable of features designed to improve performance and cut quality.

The Big Deal

The Toro Greensmaster eTriFlex Series Mowers use all-electric components for traction, steering, lift, and cutting. This means that there’s no onboard hydraulic fluid to worry about.

Toro offers two eTriFlex models. An engine/generator model features a 14hp twin-cylinder Kawasaki with battery-assist technology. This promises significant fuel savings, and because Toro has shrouded the engine, it operates really quietly. The Li-ion battery model features a brushless motor powered by 8 Samsung SDi batteries for near-silent operation.

The Toro Greensmaster eTriFlex mowers use a Radius Dependent Speed (RDS) System to provide the optimal perimeter cut for your greens. This system maintains a consistent clip rate on each individual cutting reel. Individual wheel speed control reduces wheel scrubbing. RDS also includes a Lift-In Turn feature that provides a level cut from side to side, particularly in turns. This virtually eliminates the “Triplex-Ring” effect that can affect both the aesthetics and the playability of your greens.

Toro Greensmaster eTriFlex Features

  • Double A-Arm and Link-System Suspension
  • Flex technology and DPA cutting units for easy adjustment
  • Enhanced clippings capture system
  • Automatically produces an even cutline across all reels when raising or lowering cutting units
  • 10 mph transport speed with built-in “Slow-in-Turn” feature
  • Auto-brake on operator dismount
  • Foot-operated parking brake
  • InfoCenter with advanced diagnostics
  • Tool-free quick-change cutting units
  • Lift-gate footrest for easy access to center cutting unit
  • Balloon-style tires are gentle on turf


The Toro Greensmaster eTriFlex Series mowers can be found at your local dealership. This information, as well as more information about the Toro line of turf management solutions, can be found by clicking here .

Toro Greensmaster eTriFlex Mower Specs

  • Engine: Kawasaki 14.5 HP gas with 48V 5400W brushless motor (3360) – or – Eight Samsung SDI Li-Ion batteries (3370)
  • Fuel Capacity: 4.9 gallons gasoline – or – 48V nominal
  • Mowing Speed: 0-5 mph
  • Transport Speed: 0-10 mph
  • Cutting Width: 59 in.
  • Blade Type: 8-blade, 11-blade, or 14-blade, high carbon steel blades
  • Height of Cut: Bench HOC range is .062-.297 in.; with high HOC kit, range is .297″-1″
  • Reel Diameter: 5″ EdgeSeries Reels
  • Reel Speed: Adjustable up to 2050 RPM
  • Steering Controls: 48V electric steering motor with torque feedback device
  • Tires: 19 x 10.5 x 8 in. 4-ply rating pneumatic tubeless balloon tires
  • Warranty: Two-year limited warranty, both models. Li-Ion battery warrantied for 4 years

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