Bobcat E165 Excavator Excavator Reviews

Bobcat E165 Excavator | Large and In Charge

Bobcat Unveils Largest Excavator to Lineup

Bobcat has expanded its line of excavator offerings with a model that tops the line in size and power. Bobcat has designed the E165 Large Excavator for work with roads, railways, bridges, infrastructure, and commercial and urban jobsites.

10-Second Summary

• Model: Bobcat E165
• Optimized for heavy digging and lifting operations
• Class-leading hydraulics
• Wide-open access panels, hinged belly pan, and centralized grease pans make daily maintenance easy
• Conventional tail swing
• Four power modes and fast cycle times
• Standard side and rear view cameras
• 131 hp
• Includes comfort features like pressurized cab, sound isolating seal, heated seat, and heating and A/C


Power and Reliability

The Bobcat E165 Excavator, fitting neatly into the 16- to 18-size class, features a 131 hp turbo-charged engine and conventional tail swing design to deliver class-leading hydraulics. Bobcat tells us that the E165 has industry-leading lift capacity and more slew torque to let operators move things easily, as well as slew uphill and backfill without a hitch.

The Bobcat E165 Excavator offers users 4 different power modes for adaptable performance that tackles any job that might come up. Whether you need max power or fuel efficiency, or anything in between, you have the option of Power+, Power, Standard Power, and Economy Modes.

The E165 also gives you 4 work modes to choose from to tailor your power for digging or lifting jobs. These include Digging, Lifting, Breaker, and Shear modes.

Other Features

The Bobcat E165 features intelligently designed components designed to keep you up and running at all times. This includes a variable speed hydraulic cooling fan, protected components, vandalism protection features, pump torque control, and an automatic belt tensioner.

Bobcat E165 Excavator

This extends into the maintenance features that provide dependable performance. This includes centralized grease banks, wide-open access panels, a hinged belly pan, and an LCD monitor that lets you run self-diagnostic checks.

The E165 provides operator comfort in all seasons as well. The premium cab comes with a pressurized cab with seals to muffle outside sound. Automotive-style heat and A/C systems come standard, as well as a heated seat. The cab offers clear visibility to the front, sides, and above, while the LCD screen lets you see the camera view of what’s happening to the sides and behind you.

For more information about the Bobcat E165 Large Excavator, visit Bobcat’s website by clicking here .


Bobcat E165 Large Excavator at a Glance

  • Horsepower: 131 hp
  • Operating Weight: 38,376 lbs.
  • Max Reach at Ground Level: 28.8 ft.
  • Arm Digging Force: 18,077 lbf.
  • Bucket Digging Force: 25,794 lbf
  • Max Dig Depth: 20 ft.
  • Max Dump Height: 21.3 ft.
  • Hydraulic System: 4,694 psi
  • Fuel Tank: 77.1 gal
  • Width: 102 in.
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