EGO Snow Blower Price Tags

ego snow blower price

With winter fast approaching, manufacturers like EGO are gearing up with solid snow blower price tags. Some of the deals are modest, however, when you save even a penny, you earn one. Ben Franklin definitely knew what he was talking about.

So, to help you navigate the playing field, we’ve chosen three EGO snow blowers that we not only like, but that we think have reasonable price tags.

Solid Price Tag 1: EGO 56V 2-Stage Snow Blower

EGO 56V 2-Stage Snow Blower Price

Last year, we reviewed the SNT2405, and we liked what we saw.

When it comes to power, this tool has plenty of it. The EGO 56V 2-Stage Snow Blower can throw snow up to 50 feet. What’s more, that’s while clearing a 24-inch swath. This certainly helps minimize the number of passes it takes to clean up your driveway.


  • Model: EGO SNT2400
  • Battery: 2 x 56V (7.5Ah)
  • Clearing width: 24 in
  • Auger: Steel
  • Throw distance: Up to 50 feet
  • Price: $1399.99 kit

And, with a number of power settings, this snow blower gives you options. You can take your time and enjoy the winter weather, or take care of business and get back to the fire! Furthermore, given this EGO snow blower’s host of features, we think this tool is a great way to kick the gas can to the curb for a solid price.

Solid Price Tag 2: EGO Snow Blower Shovel

EGO Snow Blower Shovel MSS1203 Price

Sometimes, simplicity wins the day, and we think the EGO Snow Blower Shovel (MSS1203) is a case in point. Indeed, when we think of snow cleanup, we usually envision heavy accumulation. But you can’t discount light snowfalls that cover decks, patios, and porch steps.


  • Model: EGO MSS1203
  • Battery: 56V (4.0Ah)
  • Brushless motor
  • Clearing width: 12 in
  • Throwing distance: 25 ft
  • Clearing depth: 6 in
  • Price: $399

For these jobs, we like EGO’s snow blower shovel, especially considering its price.

Our staff put the MSS1203 to the test, and this baby delivered a respectable performance. Likewise, it has the power, quality, and features that define EGO’s fleet of cordless products.

Are you ready to run your new snow blower? Explore our guide to Snow Blowing Tips and Tricks!

Solid Price Tag 3: EGO SNT2125AP 56V Snow Blower

EGO SNT2125AP 56V Snow Blower price

Finally, we have a 21-inch EGO snow blower that comes at a nice price for what you get. To be sure, our firsthand assessment of the SNT2125AP revealed a tool rich in features and full of power.


  • Model: EGO SNT2125AP
  • Battery: 2 x 56V (7.5Ah)
  • Snow throw: Up to 45 ft
  • Stage: Single-Stage
  • Clearing depth: 10 in
  • Clearing width: 21 in
  • Weight: 79 lbs
  • Price: $899

First, battery-powered units such as this one are good examples of how cordless can surpass gas when it comes to convenience and function. Snow blowers sit for months. And, like cheap beer, gas can skunk, which normally makes that first winter startup a nightmare.

We found this model to be delightfully quiet and much lighter than its gas counterparts. What’s more, you have instant power at the touch of a button. In our opinion, these benefits, along with its performance and price, make this EGO snow blower a worthy choice.

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