EGO Working with John Deere

EGO working with John Deere

EGO and John Deere Become Battery-Powered Duo

This season has had its fair share of outdoor power equipment news, and as we move into summer, it keeps on going. The latest development comes with word that EGO will now be working with John Deere!

Indeed, EGO and John Deere are two of the largest names in their respective sectors of the lawn care market. The brands announced a plan to work together to bring EGO-branded battery products to John Deere dealers.

EGO batteries

Furthermore, EGO and John Deere also intend to work together on future products. That said, this development should make for some interesting competition throughout the OPE universe.

“Simplifying the landscape management of properties is what drives us every day,” says David Thorne, vice president of John Deere Turf and Compact Utility Business. “We seek to provide our customers with a broad range of tools, which will now include a battery ecosystem.”

According to Thorne, with EGO and Deere working together, Deere can provide quality cordless equipment to residential and Pro consumers. Moreover, he hopes that it will propel Deere into a stronger market position as technology evolves.

EGO working with John Deere – What says

John Deere zero turn

We see the decision for EGO to work with John Deere as the logical choice for a number of reasons.

First, residential customers will now have a full range of top-notch battery-powered products at their disposal.

Second, this is a golden opportunity to apply EGO’s knowledge of battery power to John Deere’s years of experience in lawn tractors and more. That’s big news for the commercial community, as it will open fertile ground for gear like battery-driven zero-turns, which Deere has only dabbled in up to this point.

We look forward to seeing where the EGO and John Deere collaboration leads in the years to come.

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