Step-N-Secure Hand Tool Reviews

Step-N-Secure Truck Bed Anchor Lift Handle

Step-N-Secure Gives You A Handle On Climbing Into Your Truckbed

Raised truck beds seem to be the trend in the truck world. But, many of us aren’t quite seven feet tall, and it can be difficult to climb up into these raised truck beds without pulling a hammy trying to scrabble up onto the gate. But, the Step-N-Secure Truck Bed Anchor Lift Handle gives you a secure handhold to help pull yourself up.

10-Second Summary

  • Fits into most pickup bed stake holes
  • Easy to install
  • Works as a lift handle to assist stepping up to pickup bed
  • Works as a tie-down post to secure cargo
  • Weather-resistant
  • Made in the USA
  • High-strength, reinforced plastic
  • Price: $29.99

Get a Grip on Your Truck Bed

The Step-N-Secure provides a handle for you that installs into your pickup bed’s stake hole. It’s made from weather-resistant, high-strength reinforced plastic that fits securely into most pickup trucks from 2000 onward.


With 8″ worth of clearance from the bed rail of your truck, it can also function as a tie-down post to secure cargo in the bed of your pickup.


The handle is removable and can be uninstalled by simply unfastening the stainless steel safety screw and pulling the handle from the stake hole.

Before purchasing the Step-N-Secure, there are a few things to be aware of…some of this seems like common sense, but it’s probably still worth throwing out there. It’s not compatible with rail and bed covers that block access to your stake holes. And, trucks equipped with plastic bedrail trim covers may have some variations in the stake bed hole opening that will require some trim work. Thankfully, the company provides a downloadable template for trimming through their website .


The Step-N-Secure Truck Bed Anchor Lift Handle is made in the USA and retails for $29.99 through It works with various Ford , Jeep, Dodge , GM 2500 and 3500 , and Toyota Truck models.

For more information about the Step-N-Secure – including installation How-To videos, downloadable trim templates, and compatibility information – visit .

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