Schaffer 24e Electric Wheel Loader Rocks Loader Reviews

World’s First Battery Powered Electric Wheel Loader

DFD Loaders is bringing to the US the first battery-powered electric wheel loader. The Schaffer 24E electric wheel loader is the first to be powered by Lithium-Ion battery packs. Two electric motors power the Schaeffer 24E loader. One 21 KW  (28hp) motor powers the driving hydraulics, while the second 9.7 KW (13hp) motor provides muscle for the working hydraulics. Top speed for the 24e Electric Wheel Loader is a blistering 12.5 mph.


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Greenworks Battery Powered Zero Turn Mowers

Schaeffer 24E Electric Wheel Loader Tech Data:

  • Schaffer 24e Electric Wheel Loader ForksElectric engine driving hydraulics: 21 kW (~28 HP)
  • Electric engine working hydraulics: 9.7 kW (~13 HP)
  • Working weight protection roof: 2400 kg
  • Top Speed: 20 km/h (12.5 mph)
  • Length with standard bucket: 4045 mm
  • Width: 1020 mm – 1570 mm
  • Height protection roof: from 2215 mm
  • Turning radius inside: 1000 mm
  • Lifting capacity: 1900 kg
  • Tipping load straight, pallet fork*: 1610 kg – 1812 kg
  • Tipping load straight, bucket*: 1690 kg – 2035 kg
  • Lifting height (tool pivot): 2880 mm / 3110 mm**

*according to ISO 8313 (boom horizontal)
**Option: high lift version

DFD Loaders

DFD Loaders Telescoping LoaderDFD Loaders headquarters is in Cape Coral, FL and they are the exclusive nationwide distributor for Schaffer construction equipment. For the U.S., DFD will showcase 13 models from the Schaffer lineup, including compact and telescopic articulated wheel loaders. These models will range from 25 to 157 HP.

Schaffer Maschinenfabrik Company

Heinrich Schäffer founded the Schäffer Maschinenfabrik company back in 1956. Located in Germany, Heinrich first developed a harvesting fork that combined a fork and beet fork, made for front loaders (tractors at the time). Today, the Schaffer company produces equipment that is distributed to more than 40 countries.

Lithium-Ion Electric Wheel Loader Features

Bucket capacity for the 24e electric wheel loader is 0.65 cubic-yards (0.5 cubic-meters). In case your calculator is broke, this is more than 17 cubic-feet of material…from a battery-powered loader. Customers have their choice between two battery packs, in addition to two charging systems. The standard battery pack will power the wheel loader through most jobs. With the addition of the Power Battery System, the runtime on the loader doubles. And, the Power Battery System can be added to the machine at any time.

Schaffer 24e Electric Wheel Loader

Batteries, Chargers, and More

Schaffer 24e Electric Wheel Loader 2Included with each Schaffer 24e machine is an onboard 230V battery charger. You can also add an optional 400V external charger that will charge the battery system to 80%, in just 30 minutes. So, your typical lunch break will charge the packs enough for the rest of the day’s work. Schaffer also guarantees their batteries for 5,000 charges or 5 years, whichever comes first.

“Thanks to the pioneering technology, we can guarantee this extraordinarily long battery life. In addition, lithium-ion batteries are absolutely maintenance-free, there is no danger of lead or sulphuric acid and the 24e works reliably even at low temperatures,” explains Friedhelm Brede.

The exterior and bones of the 24e Electric wheel loader looks much like the Schaffer model 2445 (45hp) loader. At a weight of just over 5,000 pounds, the 24e loader can be loaded onto a typical car trailer for hauling, and most light duty trucks can handle towing this load with no problem.


Our Thoughts on the 24e Electric Wheel Loader

We’ve seen the federal regulations continue to push in on the gas and diesel combustion engine powered vehicles. Furthermore, we continue to see and hear about city, county, town, and community ordinances being created to muffle the sound and clear the air. Unfortunately, we don’t see either of these prior issues slowing down anytime soon. In fact, we expect this to increase. So, the answer is either don’t use heavy equipment or go electric.

While we do hate to see any industry or consumer forced into change, we do like to see innovation. We’re also seeing that these changes will many times inspire innovation. Such is the case in the zero-turn mower market with now several manufacturers in the battery-powered mower industry. With electric power, and isolated motors powering different segments of the machine, these different areas can be controlled independently as well. A centralized computer can monitor and control these areas, providing more power where needed.

It’s exciting to see that DFD Loaders will be distributing the Shcaffer wheel loaders in the USA. We’re hoping to get our hands on one of these loaders soon for a full review. For more information about DFD Loaders and Schaffer, click here.

24e Loader with Forks

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