July 26, 2021

Kubota SCL1000 Stand-On Track Loader Gets Line of Attachments

Kubota Track Loader Attachments Trencher

Kubota Loader Now Has Optional Attachments for Compact Buckets, Trenchers, Pallet Forks, and More

Earlier this year, Kubota released the SCL1000 Stand-On Track Loader. It features wide tracks, a narrow body, and a Rated Operating Capacity of 1,000 lbs. With these capabilities, the SCL1000 has been geared toward both landscaping contractors and rental yards. But now, Kubota has opened up the track loader to a variety of other applications with a line of attachments. These include compact buckets, trenchers, pallet forks, a compact mount for breakers, a skid auger, and a power rake.

Kubota on the SCL1000 Attachment Lineup

The SCL1000 was introduced into the marketplace earlier this year with overwhelming excitement and market demand. We are thrilled to enter the stand-on loader segment with the SCL1000, and these attachments will further its capabilities to meet a multitude of contractor demands and applications.

Tim Boulds, Kubota construction equipment product operations manager

Kubota SCL1000 Attachment Lineup

Compact Buckets

Kubota has six compact buckets available for the SCL1000 Track Loader, including both standard and high capacity models. The standard capacity buckets include the CL136L, CL142L, CL236L, and CL242L. These are 36-inch or 42-inch buckets that come in bare edge, bolt-on edge, or bolt-on teeth options. The high capacity buckets, the CL148H and CL248H, offer 48-inch buckets with those same options.

Compact Pallet Forks

Kubota Track Loader Attachments Pallet Fork

The Kubota SLC1000 Track Loader Attachments also include compact pallet forks (CPF12). These come in 36-inch and 42-inch options that help efficiently move pallets from trailers, flatbed trucks, and racks. The pallet forks can handle up to 1,200 lbs, and they feature a Category II hitch and spill guard. These have an adjustable fork width with a spring-loaded toggle that locks in place.

Compact Power Rake

The CSR10 Compact Power Rake also joins the line of Kubota SCL1000 Track Loader Attachments. It has a 48-inch working width and a Category II hitch for both landscaping and construction work. A center-pivot allows narrow-width access. You can add side plates to make seedbed prep much easier, and it includes tubeless tires and hydraulic angling.

Compact Trencher

You can pick out the CTR compact trencher in any of three sizes: 30-inch, 36-inch, and 48-inch trenching depths. You also have a range of chain widths from 4 to 10 inches. With this attachment, irrigation specialists and utility contractors can dig much more efficiently.

Compact Skid Auger

The CSA10 Comact Skid Auger attachment features a pendulum mount and reversible gearbox with a two-inch hex output shaft that attaches to a variety of augers. This attachment will help landscapers and contractors when it comes to digging holes for footings, fences, signs, and trees.

Compact Mount for Breakers

Kubota Track Loader Attachments Jackhammer

Finally, for fast and efficient demolition work, the Kubota SLC1000 Track Loader attachments also include the compact mount for the BR360 and BR460 breakers. These provide the breaking force for getting through concrete and rock quickly and efficiently.

You can find find the Kubota SCL1000 Stand-On Track Loader, as well as all the various attachments, at your local Kubota dealership or at many rental facilities. You can find out more by checking out Kubota.com .

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