May 15, 2021

Toro 60V Power Clear Snow Blower

Toro 60V Snow Blower

Toro’s Snow Blower Goes Cordless

Toro revealed at GIE that they’ve recently added a 21″ snow blower to their cordless mix. This Power Clear model runs on Toro’s 60V platform, and it joins an established line of cordless tools geared toward the homeowner who is ready to get away from gas power.

The Toro Perspective on Snow Blowing

“Our customers told us they wanted battery-powered products, and we listened. We’ve taken the cutting-edge battery technology engineered into our Flex-Force suite of products and put it in our Power Clear single-stage snow blower line. Now our customers can have the same legendary performance they’ve come to expect from Toro, with the option to choose a battery-powered model.”

-Christina Howell, marketing manager at Toro


Toro 60V Snow Blower

Startability seems like a feature one would want from their snowblower. Rather than standing out in the cold trying to pull start your engine to life, wouldn’t it be easier to just hit a button to get it cranked up? Toro thought so. As per their announcement, “these machines are built to perform, starting the first time, every time, and requiring minimal maintenance with lithium-ion technology.”


The Toro 60V snow blower also clears snow quickly, particularly on concrete and asphalt surfaces. It can chuck 2″- 9″ snow piles up to 40′, and Toro claims that the Power Clear model’s efficient design throws snow tighter and farther than any of their competition.

Plus, the 60V Power Clear model shreds snow fast with its patented Power Edge auger. This is a curved, all-steel blade that, by virtue of its design, can cut through wet and hard-packed snow quickly while still reducing clogging.

Runtime & Safety

Another one of the big selling points surrounding the Toro Power Clear 60V snow blower is its runtime. With a 7.5Ah battery, Toro claims you can clear up to a 12-parked-car driveway on a charge. We don’t know exactly what that means in terms of actual runtime, but 12 cars worth of space on a charge sounds pretty solid.

Toro 60V Snow Blower

This model also includes panoramic LED lighting, which allows you to both see and be seen better. When you’ve finished blowing all the snow you care to, the Toro 60V snow blower’s handle and chute fold over for easy storage.

Pricing and Warranty Information

You can pick up the Toro 60V Power Clear e21 snow blower in a few different packages. Kitted with a 7.5Ah battery and a charger, this snow blower retails for $749. You can also opt for the larger kit that comes with two 6.0Ah batteries and a charger. That package is priced at $949. Finally, you can purchase the Toro 60V snow blower as a bare tool for $599. All of these options are available either directly from Toro or from Home Depot.

All of these options include Toro’s 2-year warranty on the tool and 3-year warranty on the battery.

Toro Power Clear e21 Snow Blower Specs

  • Model Number: 39901 (7.5Ah battery kit); 39902 (Two 6.0Ah battery kit); 39901T (bare tool)
  • Auger System: All-steel Power Edge auger
  • Chute Control: Chute-mounted handle, curved steel w/ friction deflector
  • Clearing Width: 21″ clearing width, 12″ intake height
  • Engine: Brushless DC, 60V battery L405 (7.5ah, 405 wh) – 180 minute charge time
  • Throw Distance: Up to 40′
  • Warranty: 2-year full warranty on snow blower and 3-year full warranty on battery
  • Price: $749 (39901)

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