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Toro Proline Mid-Size Mowers

Toro’s Mid-Size Mower Line Pushes User-Friendly Efficiency

Toro knows that every minute spent not mowing is a minute lost on an opportunity to grow your business. Training your crew on new equipment can burn through time, which equals money. That’s why the Toro ProLine and Proline HDX mid-size mowers emphasize a user-friendly commitment to power and efficiency…and by extension, maximized profits for Pros.

10-Second Summary

• Toro ProLine and ProLine HDX mide-sized mowers
• Twin-lever controls are easy to learn
• Floating deck
• Single-point cut height adjustment
• Adjustable reference bar
• 2-wheel sulky rotates 360° and folds away when not in use
• Heavy-duty cutting deck with bull-nose bumper
• 20″ wheels
• 3-year, 750-hour warranty


Mowing Made Nice and Easy

The Toro ProLine and ProLine HDX mowers feature easy-to-learn twin-lever controls. This might seem a trivial thing, however, Toro notes that these mowers’ general ease-of-use make training much less time-intensive, maximizing your operational efficiency.

Toro ProLine

But, the Toro mid-size mowers aren’t just easy to learn, they also make the mowing process as smooth and convenient as possible. They feature a floating deck and an on-the-go single-point cutting height adjustment. An adjustable reference bar ensures the proper grip at all times.

These mowers also feature the convenience of a 2-wheel sulky that rotates 360° and folds up when not in use. Long gone are the days of attaching and removing it when transporting the mower.

The Toro ProLine and ProLine HDX mowers come in a variety of deck sizes that range from 36 to 60 inches. These heavy-duty cutting decks feature a bull nose bumper to ramp up the durability. Meanwhile, the 20-inch rear wheels make hopping curbs a breeze.


All of the Toro ProLine and ProLine HDX mid-size mowers come with a 3-year/750-hour commercial warranty.

To learn mower about these mowers, or any of the commercial mowers in Toro’s lineup, visit Toro.com .

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