Tree and Forestry

While we cover lots of landscaping tools, many reviews focus on tree and forestry tools. Our tree and forestry tool reviews include chainsaw reviews and pole saw reviews. They also include log splitter reviews, stump grinder reviews, wood chipper reviews, and more. When covering these tree and forestry tools, we really focus on the three pillars of power, durability, and safety. Without any one of these three, the tools do not hold up well under intensive use. When you’re dealing with trees, you can’t afford to lose time when a tool underperforms or fails prematurely. Forestry Tool Reviews Technology is constantly changing. The introduction of cordless forestry tools is altering the way chainsaws get used above ground. New battery-powered solutions provide less noise and vibration. They even introduce more safety features for those working high above the ground—no pull start, for example. These new products may even increase your chances of winning some municipal and residential landscaping jobs.

Review8.0(out of 10)

Husqvarna 460 Rancher Chainsaw Review

This original article has been updated to reflect the review of Tom Rutherford. Whenever I use a chainsaw, I think of those nameless loggers in old photos. They are standing around a monstrous felled tree, holding axes and long, two-man whipsaws. Was that a day’s work? Or could they cut through a tree that big […]

makita 14-Inch cordless chainsaw

Makita 14-Inch Cordless Chainsaw XCU07

Just because the grass has stopped growing over the winter months doesn’t mean the work stops altogether. The chances are pretty good that the winter will also bring plenty of pruning and trimming and sawing opportunities. Just in time to do your last-minute winter storm prep, Makita is releasing another cordless chainsaw for your OPE […]

Fuel Injected Chainsaw Stihl MS 500i Preview

The new Stihl MS 500i is the first fuel injected chainsaw, and it’s set to hit the US market in mid-2019. With all the chatter online about this new fuel injected chainsaw, we wouldn’t be surprised to see this date slide back a bit. This due to the excitement in other parts of the world […]

Review9.1(out of 10)
Milwaukee M18 Chainsaw FI2

Battery Beats Gas: Milwaukee Cordless Chainsaw Video

It’s been a few months since we first laid our hands on the M18 Milwaukee cordless chainsaw. That was just for a few minutes while at Milwaukee’s new product symposium. Now, we have the saw for realsies. So, with all the claims out there about battery-powered chainsaws and their gas equivalents, why not put it […]

Greenworks GS 110 Chainsaw FI

Greenworks GS 110 Chainsaw First Look – Cordless Top Handle

If you’re hoping to make less noise and vibration with your chainsaw, while burning less gas, then the Greenworks GS 110 chainsaw may be the answer. Greenworks Commercial just released this new small top-handle tree care saw. The intending users are the tree care professionals and arborists. The top-handle design makes it easy for single-handed […]

How Does Your Chainsaw Oiler Work?

10-inch Makita 18V Top-Handle Chainsaw Preview – XCU06

New 10-inch Makita 18V Top-Handle Chainsaw is so small, you may want to use the word “cute.” However, the chain speed and power make this a far cry from any toy. Not meant for the amateur, this Makita XCU06 chainsaw is intended for the professional tree-climber or arborist. Makita chose to power this latest top-handle […]

Upside Down Chainsaw Bars

Why You Should Flip To An Upside Down Chainsaw Bar

If you’ve spent any amount of time watching loggers work, you’ve undoubtedly seen a chainsaw equipped with an upside down chainsaw bar. Maybe you’ve wondered why that is. Was the guy working the saw just not paying attention that day? Was it a mistake? Does it even matter? Of course it matters, and of course, […]

Makita 18V Chainsaw

First Look: 12″ 36V Makita Top Handle Chainsaw

The work of the arborist is never really done, but with the 12″ 36V Makita top handle chainsaw, you can at least cool it with having to drag around a can of gas with you everywhere. Like the other tools in the 18V X2 LXT lineup, this 36V Makita top handle chainsaw runs off of […]