Tree and Forestry

While we cover lots of landscaping tools, many reviews focus on tree and forestry tools. Our tree and forestry tool reviews include chainsaw reviews and pole saw reviews. They also include log splitter reviews, stump grinder reviews, wood chipper reviews, and more. When covering these tree and forestry tools, we really focus on the three pillars of power, durability, and safety. Without any one of these three, the tools do not hold up well under intensive use. When you’re dealing with trees, you can’t afford to lose time when a tool underperforms or fails prematurely. Forestry Tool Reviews Technology is constantly changing. The introduction of cordless forestry tools is altering the way chainsaws get used above ground. New battery-powered solutions provide less noise and vibration. They even introduce more safety features for those working high above the ground—no pull start, for example. These new products may even increase your chances of winning some municipal and residential landscaping jobs.

Upside Down Chainsaw Bars

Why You Should Flip To An Upside Down Chainsaw Bar

If you’ve spent any amount of time watching loggers work, you’ve undoubtedly seen a chainsaw equipped with an upside down chainsaw bar. Maybe you’ve wondered why that is. Was the guy working the saw just not paying attention that day? Was it a mistake? Does it even matter? Of course it matters, and of course, […]

Makita 18V Chainsaw

First Look: 12″ 36V Makita Top Handle Chainsaw

The work of the arborist is never really done, but with the 12″ 36V Makita top handle chainsaw, you can at least cool it with having to drag around a can of gas with you everywhere. Like the other tools in the 18V X2 LXT lineup, this 36V Makita top handle chainsaw runs off of […]

Ryobi 20-Inch Chainsaw

Ryobi 20-Inch Chainsaw Video

We recently had the chance to test the Ryobi 20-Inch Chainsaw, and it performed pretty well. For a homeowner-level tool, it cranks out some decent power and cut through some pretty thick oak trees. The Ryobi 20-Inch chainsaw features a 46cc, 2-cycle gas engine. Its 20-inch bar has a 3/8″ pitch with a full complement chain, […]

Ryobi 20-inch Gas Chainsaw FI-2

Ryobi 20-inch Gas Chainsaw Review

Are you looking for a chainsaw to take down a few trees, but you want a price that doesn’t bust the budget? You may want to have a long look at the Ryobi 20-inch gas chainsaw. This won’t win you any lumberjack competitions in Oregon or Sweden, but it may get you in better graces […]

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Chainsaw

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Chainsaw Video

At the recent Milwaukee New Product Symposium , we had the opportunity to look at one of the newest products that the company will roll out this upcoming July. The Milwaukee M18 Fuel Chainsaw features a 16″ bar and chain, and with the new 18V 12.0Ah high-output battery packs, it should handle 150 cuts in 6X6 […]

Review8.8(out of 10)
ECHO CS-2511T Chainsaw FI 2

Echo CS-2511T Review – The Lightest Top Handle Chainsaw

Echo recently announced the release of the lightest top handle chainsaw on the market, the Echo CS-2511T. Available now, the feature-laden saw should increase productivity and maneuverability for the arborist or lawn care pro. Weighing in at only 5.2 lbs (dry weight), the CS-2511T comes with either a 12″ or a 14″ bar and chain. […]

Echo Bearcat 3420 Chipper Shredder

Echo Bearcat SC3420 Chipper Shredder

When it comes to property cleanup, it’s hard to do without a good chipper shredder. The Echo Bearcat SC3420 chipper shredder makes mulch of any limbs up to 3-inches in diameter. Additionally, the shredding side will take care of anything 3/4-inch and smaller. Bearcat SC3420 Chipper Shredder Features Powered by the Briggs & Stratton 420cc […]

Husqvarna Pole Saw Feature2

13-Foot Chainsaw – 525PT5S Husqvarna Pole Saw Preview

Pruning season has begun, at least in the Southern states. Why wrestle with ladders, when you can get over 13-feet of reach from the Husqvarna pole saw. More than 1.3hp from the 25.4cc engine drives power to the 10 or 12-inch bar and chain. Whether you are already prepping your crews with trimmers and saws […]