April 21, 2021

Cub Cadet Pro HW Hydro Walk-Behind Mower

Cub Cadet Pro HW

Recently, we were able to talk to the folks at the Cub Cadet exhibit at this year’s GIE Expo in Kentucky. We asked them what new releases they had upcoming this year. And, they were excited to fill us in on one of their newest releases, the Cub Cadet Pro HW Hydro Walk-Behind Mower. Designed through direct feedback from professional landscapers, the new walk-behind mower includes some new and improved features to make the professional landscaper’s job a whole lot easier.

Cub Cadet Pro HW Hydro Walk-Behind Mower Highlights

Cub Cadet Control PanelThere were a few things that the good folks at Cub Cadet highlighted about their new mower. The first thing that stood out about the Hydro Walk-Behind revolved around steering.  It features hand-lever steering with a ball bearing linkage for a smoother steering experience.

Cub Cadet engineered this mower with larger tires and an even weight distribution. The Hyrdo Walk-Behind can tackle hillsides and slopes better as a result.  Users can adjust the straight-line tracking with the turn of a knob.  This mower includes a cruise control feature as well.

The 10-gauge steel deck construction includes 7-gauge steel reinforcements at the top and bottom of the mower. 7-Gauge steel also adds durability to the leading edge and sides of the mower. The Hydro Walk-Behind Mower also features maintenance-free sealed spindles to maximize performance and reduce downtime. The control tower was also constructed with 7-Gauge steel, and the 3/8″ steel front yokes and beam are the thickest in this class.

Final Thoughts

Maintenance Free Spindles
Maintenance Free Spindles

When one of the standard user complaints about walk behind mowers revolves around janky steering, it’s nice that Cub Cadet spent some time working on smoothing out theirs. Supposedly, the ball bearing linkage really cleans up a lot of the jerkiness that tends to rear its head with these types of mowers. The Cub Cadet Pro HW Hydro Walk-Behind also includes quite a few other features that make the user experience more pleasant. The weight distribution makes mowing up hills a whole lot less anxiety-inducing, and the ground clearance makes hopping curbs a good deal easier.

Of course, we haven’t actually had the opportunity to test out this mower yet, and it’s not scheduled for release until fall of 2018. A lot of the cool features that we’re excited about with this walk-behind are, for the time being, unsubstantiated. However, we do look forward to a year from now when we can hopefully take the Hydro Walk-Behind out for a spin.

Cub Cadet Pro HW Hydro Walk-Behind Mower Features

  • 10-Gauge Steel Cutting Deck With 7-Gauge Top and Bottom Reinforcements
  • Maintenance-Free Sealed Spindles
  • Hand-Lever Steering Control With Ball Bearing Linkage For Smooth Feel
  • Cruise Control
  • Electric Start Kawasaki Engines
  • 2-Year, No-Hour-Limit Commercial Warranty

Cub Cadet Pro HW Hydro Walk-Behind Mower Specs

  • Cutting Width: 36″, 48″, 54″
  • Deck Shell Construction: Fixed Floating, Fabricated 10-Gauge (.135″) Steel Shell
  • Reinforcements (Top/Bottom/ Leading Edge): 7-Gauge Steel
  • Side Construction: 1/4″ Steel
  • Wear Guard: 3/4″ Trim-Side (Polymer)
  • Blades/ Blade-Tip Speed: 3 High-Lift Marbain Blades / 18,500 FPM
  • Spindle Construction: 5″ Sealed Cast-Aluminum Housing (Maintenance Free)
  • Discharge Chute: High-Density, Impact-Resistant Rubber
  • Deck Lift System: 4-Pin Manual With Deck-Mounted Lift Handles
  • Height Positions/Range: 7/1.5″-4.5″
  • Engine Manufacturer: Kawasaki
  • Horsepower: 14.5 – 18.5 Hp
  • Displacement: 603cc
  • Fuel Capacity: 5 Gal.
  • Transmission: Hydro-Gear ZT 2800 Charged
  • Ground Speed (Forward/Reverse): Up To 7 Mph/3 Mph
  • Length: 77″
  • Width: 38″/50″/56″
  • Height: 45″/46″/46″
  • Weight: 590 Lbs/665 Lbs/720 Lbs
  • PTO: Warner PTO Clutch (125 Ft-Lbs)
  • Steering Control: Hand-Lever Steering Control With Ball Bearings To Minimize Friction
  • Tracking Control: Single-Knob Straight Line Tracking
  • Cruise Control: Single-Lever Speed Control 0-7 Mph
  • Operator Tower: 7-Gauge Construction
  • Front End Lift Assist: Frame-Mounted Foot Pedal Lift
  • Parking Brake: HAnd-Operated LEver
  • Frame/Axle: 1.5″ x 3″ Fully Welded Tube
  • Yokes: 3/8″ Thick Steel With Sealed Ball Bearings
  • Front Tires: Smooth (Run Flat) 11 x 4-5″
  • Rear Tires: Turf 18 x 6.5-8″/Turf 20 x 10-8″/Turf 10 x 10-8″

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